Better Orientation and information

Let things speak. For information or orientation.

TellDing is a plug & play system that provides acoustic information to every visitor – including foreign-language or blind people – within a building, space or terrain. Spoken information is fantastic for anyone who can’t read information straight (or permanently) – and a good solution where information is more extensive than matching a sign.

Application Benefits for

  • Hotel, hotel complex, cruise ship
  • Museum, exhibition
  • Public building, authority
  • Parks, outdoor areas, open-space exhibition (solar powered)
  • Medical centre, hospital, health resort
  • School or university, office complex
  • Library
  • Supermarket
  • Mall, shopping center, orientation & offers
  • Visitor
  • Railway station, airport

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Plug & Play Accessibility

When the TellDing package has arrived at you, you can get going. For example, you (or we) take All announcements with a smartphone. For example "third floor, rooms 300 to 329." Or simply "cafeteria". The audio files are saved on the USB stick that we supply to YOU. If you now plug the USB stick into the TellDing USB port for 10 seconds, it will be ready for use immediately. Every visitor with a visitor ID or a key fob will now get the announcements tailored to him. They can also offer different languages and extensively descriptive language for blind Visitors.

So few steps are needed:

  1. Discuss TellDing POIs.
  2. Install TellDing pois (or install first, then discuss).
  3. TellDing avatars as visitor cards. Finished! The visitor tour now runs automatically.


  1. At the reception, the visitor's office or the entrance, the visitor will be handed the visitor's card (or the ticket, the basket, the bag, the trailer, the name tag). This is the "TellDing ® Avatar". It can have its preferred language and the desired form of information (e.g. "Full descriptive" for the blind. The visitor does not need a smartphone, no app, no download, no audio guide!
  2. The elevator already reports: "Elevator to the first to sixth floor." A blind visitor can now follow the voice, which will be reported again after a few seconds. It does not require any further instructions or guidance systems. He simply follows his acoustic goals. As there is a voice on the stairs, the visitor can choose to use the staircase if he prefers. "TellDing ®-POI" are points of interest, i.e. the places or things that should be spent on information.
  3. The fact that he arrived on the third floor is an acoustic confirmation of the visitor, including what he finds there. For example "you are on the third floor with rooms 300 to 349". If the visitor passes a door, the TellDing ® Poi "Zimmer 321, waiting room for the family consultation Dr. Pfalz will inform him."
  4. When leaving the building, the visitor is asked by the reception staff or automatically by the system to give the visitor's card or simply throw it into a box.


Example 1: Hotel, public buildings, medical Centre

At all relevant points such as doors, elevators, forks, stairs, etc., a TellDing ® POI is attached – a small device. If the visitor enters a freely determined radius to the TellDing ®-poi, This example The information "Room 132, registration". Depending on the visitor ID or room key in English or even turkish… if you will. Prices

Example 2: Exhibition, museum

A TellDing ® POI is attached to all relevant Exhibits. The small device also informs the visitor of branches, stairs and transitions to rooms or areas. If the visitor enters a freely determined radius to the TellDing ® POI, this e.g. The information "Market Gate of Miletus. A tactile model is on the wall. The 8 metre high and 14 metre wide Originaltor was 1885 from… ". Or just in English, Hebrew or in plain language, if you like. Prices

Example 3: Mall, Shopping center

A TellDing ® POI is attached to all relevant points such as Shopeingängen, escalators, forks, stairs, etc. A TellDing ® POI is a small device. If the visitor with a TellDing ® Avatar enters a freely determined radius to the poi, this for example gives The information "McPaper, with stationery and office supplies". Or just in English or Russian, if you like. Prices

Example 4: Supermarket

At all relevant points, such as shelving, product area, checkout, recycling site, basket delivery etc. A TellDing ® POI is Installed. A small device that can respond to carriers of Anonymous TellDing ® avatars (shopping basket, etc.). If the visitor enters a freely determined radius to the TellDing ® POI, this for example The information "baked goods". Or even in English or Hebrew, if you like. Prices

Questions and Answers

Good to know:

  • The main costs are due to the number of points of interest that are to be spent on information.
  • The number of visitors ' or broadcasters ' numbers is of little importance.
  • The TellDing ® is maintenance-free and very fault-tolerant. You can easily change the information yourself.
  • The number of TellDing ® avatars is theoretically unlimited. No administration needed.
  • The number of TellDing ® POIs is theoretically also unlimited. The effort for setup and administration increases linearly.
  • The number of visitor groups to be differentiated (e.g. Different languages) is theoretically unlimited. The effort for setup and administration increases linearly.
  • The administration is simple: the exchange of voice information for each TellDing ® POI is done by plugging in a USB stick. Effort approx. Ten seconds.
  • The TellDing ® POI sensor and loudspeaker can be extended with one cable at a time. This means that both the space and the power source do not have to be at the actual point.
  • A central management of the TellDing ® POIs via a wireless network or LAN is possible as a custom-made design.
  • We will be happy to make you an individual offer for your industry or application. Contact: Hello [at] tellding. com

Advantages and disadvantages compared to other systems


  • No need for networking. No need for IT infrastructure.
  • No support required. Plug and Play.
  • The visitor does not need a smartphone or an app (TellDing means: No download, network or latency)
  • The TellDing ® avatar is very small, as a visitor card or trailer possible or in a shopping cart or as a key fob.
  • Works without GPS contact
  • Visitors do not need to read text (reasons: too dark, poorly sighted, no space for text, blind, no text in its language)
  • Different information available for different users (language, quantity and type)
  • Also solar-powered in the outdoor area with up to 30 meters distance possible
  • Acoustic information of any kind possible: as language, music or if necessary Only as Beep
  • Tripping radius can be determined according to TellDing ®-POI (0.5 to 30 meters)
  • The TellDing ® function allows the user to mute and switch on again as often as desired.
  • As an alternative, TellDing ® can be set up in such a way that it always works on request for 10 to 60 seconds.
  • TellDing ® is anonymous in the basic version, without reference to personal data and without storing data.
  • TellDing ® is in the basic version without user tracking.


  • Every POI needs power (USB power supply is sufficient, solar operation is possible in the outdoor area)
  • A place for the hand soap-sized TellDing ®-POI must be found (but can be hidden)
  • Depending on the environment and attachment EV. Not 100% vandalismusresistent. We are always looking for the best solution.
  • The sound output could be annoying (can be output to headphones or Einhandohrhörer if required)