1. At the reception, the visitor's office or the entrance, the visitor will be handed the visitor's card (or the ticket, the basket, the bag, the trailer, the name tag). This is the "TellDing ® Avatar". It can have its preferred language and the desired form of information (e.g. "Full descriptive" for the blind. The visitor does not need a smartphone, no app, no download, no audio guide!
  2. The elevator already reports: "Elevator to the first to sixth floor." A blind visitor can now follow the voice, which will be reported again after a few seconds. It does not require any further instructions or guidance systems. He simply follows his acoustic goals. As there is a voice on the stairs, the visitor can choose to use the staircase if he prefers. "TellDing ®-POI" are points of interest, i.e. the places or things that should be spent on information.
  3. The fact that he arrived on the third floor is an acoustic confirmation of the visitor, including what he finds there. For example "you are on the third floor with rooms 300 to 349". If the visitor passes a door, the TellDing ® Poi "Zimmer 321, waiting room for the family consultation Dr. Pfalz will inform him."
  4. When leaving the building, the visitor is asked by the reception staff or automatically by the system to give the visitor's card or simply throw it into a box.