Plug & Play Accessibility

When the TellDing package has arrived at you, you can get going. For example, you (or we) take All announcements with a smartphone. For example "third floor, rooms 300 to 329." Or simply "cafeteria". The audio files are saved on the USB stick that we supply to YOU. If you now plug the USB stick into the TellDing USB port for 10 seconds, it will be ready for use immediately. Every visitor with a visitor ID or a key fob will now get the announcements tailored to him. They can also offer different languages and extensively descriptive language for blind Visitors.

So few steps are needed:

  1. Discuss TellDing POIs.
  2. Install TellDing pois (or install first, then discuss).
  3. TellDing avatars as visitor cards. Finished! The visitor tour now runs automatically.