Questions and Answers

Good to know:

  • The main costs are due to the number of points of interest that are to be spent on information.
  • The number of visitors ' or broadcasters ' numbers is of little importance.
  • The TellDing ® is maintenance-free and very fault-tolerant. You can easily change the information yourself.
  • The number of TellDing ® avatars is theoretically unlimited. No administration needed.
  • The number of TellDing ® POIs is theoretically also unlimited. The effort for setup and administration increases linearly.
  • The number of visitor groups to be differentiated (e.g. Different languages) is theoretically unlimited. The effort for setup and administration increases linearly.
  • The administration is simple: the exchange of voice information for each TellDing ® POI is done by plugging in a USB stick. Effort approx. Ten seconds.
  • The TellDing ® POI sensor and loudspeaker can be extended with one cable at a time. This means that both the space and the power source do not have to be at the actual point.
  • A central management of the TellDing ® POIs via a wireless network or LAN is possible as a custom-made design.
  • We will be happy to make you an individual offer for your industry or application. Contact: Hello [at] tellding. com

Advantages and disadvantages compared to other systems


  • No need for networking. No need for IT infrastructure.
  • No support required. Plug and Play.
  • The visitor does not need a smartphone or an app (TellDing means: No download, network or latency)
  • The TellDing ® avatar is very small, as a visitor card or trailer possible or in a shopping cart or as a key fob.
  • Works without GPS contact
  • Visitors do not need to read text (reasons: too dark, poorly sighted, no space for text, blind, no text in its language)
  • Different information available for different users (language, quantity and type)
  • Also solar-powered in the outdoor area with up to 30 meters distance possible
  • Acoustic information of any kind possible: as language, music or if necessary Only as Beep
  • Tripping radius can be determined according to TellDing ®-POI (0.5 to 30 meters)
  • The TellDing ® function allows the user to mute and switch on again as often as desired.
  • As an alternative, TellDing ® can be set up in such a way that it always works on request for 10 to 60 seconds.
  • TellDing ® is anonymous in the basic version, without reference to personal data and without storing data.
  • TellDing ® is in the basic version without user tracking.


  • Every POI needs power (USB power supply is sufficient, solar operation is possible in the outdoor area)
  • A place for the hand soap-sized TellDing ®-POI must be found (but can be hidden)
  • Depending on the environment and attachment EV. Not 100% vandalismusresistent. We are always looking for the best solution.
  • The sound output could be annoying (can be output to headphones or Einhandohrhörer if required)