Curious what TellDing ® costs?

We will gladly make you an individual offer or you can choose one of our packages. Ready to use when unpacking!

Starter Package

10 TellDing ®-POIs 20 TellDing ®-Avatars €2,490

Intermediate Package

25 TellDing ®-POIs 25 TellDing ®-Avatars €5,475

Advanced Package

50 TellDing ®-POIs 50 TellDing ®-Avatars €10,950

Wide range Package

100 TellDing ®-POIs 150 TellDing ®-Avatars €23,400

Multi Range Package

500 TellDing ®-POIs 100 TellDing ®-Avatars €97,500

Individual Package

Any number of TellDing ® POIs any number of TellDing ® avatars on request

On request we also offer you

  • Site Inspection, Directions
  • Requirements analysis and Position determination
  • Recording on site or in the studio
  • Installation/consultation with House technology
  • Central TellDing ® POI Management
  • Anonymous visitor tracking

Contact: Hello [at] tellding. com or call over 030. 2345 9978